November 16, 2006
Kenneth Russell wrote:

We are only what we are because God has eliminated billions of fetuses that were imperfect. And Man tries his best to outwit God by spending billions to perpetuate the imperfect.

I am truly amazed at your continued brilliance at age 95 1/2!!! Your mind is obviously the product remainder of a billion defective fetuses that were not artifically kept alive to produce more and more defective humans.

It is becoming apparent that reverse evolution has been taking place in Washington D. C. for quite some time now. Eventually the human species will regress into something less intelligent than monkeys and far less healthy than chimpanzees.

Ethicius I

The illegal immigration problem is of our own making. Teeming masses of hungry humans will continue to invade the last places on the planet where high paying jobs, and thus food and shelter are available. No wall can ever be built high enough to stop the invasion. Only by promoting family planning across the globe will we perhaps succeed in stemming the tide and in preventing the United States from becoming just another "has been" in history.

If our new Pope has any concern at all for humanity he will understand that the Roman Catholic Church must end the inhumane practice of promoting overpopulation and the resulting poverty and even starvation of millions with its medieval ban against birth control. He will also immediately decree that God does not condone the destruction of Planet Eden due to overpopulation of the human species. Nowhere in the Bible have I been able to find a passage where Jesus preached against the use of condoms or other methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

When God created the heavens and the Earth He/She never intended that humans would eventually breed and multiply to the degree that they would destroy Planet Eden and thus commit collective suicide; yet that is what is happening.

How could the most intelligent life-form on the planet behave in such an insanely stupid manner? Why would humans wish to bring billions of human infants into a hopelessly overpopulated world where hundreds of millions of them will be unwanted, unloved, abused, and hopeless, yet live long enough to give birth to the next generation of miserable humanity?

Do you suppose that God will honor those arrogant world leaders who have made virtual sex-slaves and forced breeders out of over a billion women by denying them access to family planning help and information?

We pretend to be compassionate people and have opened our doors to millions of immigrants from countries that are tragically overpopulated now and yet are doing little if anything to curb their birth-rates. By allowing America to become the sponge that soaks up the teeming masses resulting from over-breeding, we are rapidly relegating America to Third World status and we are only prolonging the inevitable day of reckoning for the so-called ‘developing’ nations.

There are TOO MANY PEOPLE for Planet Eden to provide for on a sustainable basis. We have already consumed most of our original forests, fossil fuels, and wildlife. Desertification is taking over where once fertile lands provided for both humans and animals. Parasitic humans are devouring what is left of Planet Eden as loaned to us by God for all time.

It appears that humans are being driven to the brink of extinction along with the rest of God’s wonderful Creation, by mindless unethical corporations run by men and women who look at each new mouth to be fed as a potential customer for gasoline, lumber, junk food, automobiles, television sets, and other products derived from the body of a dying planet.

Americans alone, are consuming much of the remaining resources of the planet. Only the most arrogant and mindless fool could honestly believe that we can create American-style consumers out of the billions of poor people who are barely holding onto life where we have destroyed their forests in order to raise cattle to fatten our junk-food industry, where we have destroyed their fisheries, sucked-dry their petroleum resources, and consumed that which might have given them a chance for a healthier and happier standard of living.

What if every human in Asia, Africa, and Latin America lived as we do? The plunder would intensify. Our already toxic air would kill millions, the last fishes in the sea would be mined, the great whales would either starve or be eaten, our last God-created forests would disappear in a decade along with our remaining top soil.

We are expending the world’s declining resources to artificially sustain the lives of hopelessly sick infants who sap the strength of families and insurance companies, and lead painful, tragic lives, leading to agonizing deaths. We are likewise expending the world’s declining resources to artificially sustain the lives of millions of hopelessly sick and dying humans who are being forced to suffer great agony, rather than being allowed to pass peacefully to “The Promised Land”.

Those persons in power who could save the world from mass starvation, bloody warfare, and hopeless misery, and who are aiding and abetting the coming death of God’s Planet Eden and her myriad life-forms are an abomination to God Almighty for they have become history’s eco-terrorists and mass murderers.

Failing to act to save Planet Eden from imminent destruction by aiding and abetting the continued mindless breeding of TOO MANY PEOPLE to create more consumers and thus more profits for mega-corporations is a crime against humanity, a crime against nature and a crime against God.


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